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The World Health Organisation in its publication Health for All Nursing Series: Mission and Functions of the Nurse (1991) states:

The mission of nursing in society is to help individuals, families and groups to determine and achieve physical, mental and social potential, and to do so within the challenging context of the environment in which they live and work. This requires nurses to develop and perform functions that relate to the promotion and maintenance of health as well as to the prevention of ill health. Nursing also includes the planning and implementation of care during illness and rehabilitation, and encompasses the physical, mental and social aspects of life as they affect health, illness, disability and dying.

Nursing is the provision of care for individuals, families and groups throughout the entire life span - from conception to death.

Nursing is both an art and a science that requires the understanding and application of the knowledge and skills specific to the discipline. It also draws on knowledge and techniques derived from the humanities and the physical, social, medical and biological sciences.

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Latest News

Reminder regarding Annual Retention Fee 2015 payment methods
12/18/2014 - Reminder regarding Annual Retention Fee 2015 payment methods Registrants are reminded that the fee of €150 is due on 1st January 2015. The ARF fee 2015 can be paid by using one of the two options noted below:
NMBI statement regarding Annual Retention Fee 2015 following Board meeting
12/17/2014 - Wednesday 17 December 2014: The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland held a board meeting last Friday, December 12, and discussed the matter of the Annual Retention Fee 2015. The Board wishes to remind registrants that the 2015 fee, which remains unchanged at €150 after the meeting, is to ensure the NMBI can continue to fulfil its role as statutory regulator as required under the Nurses and Midwives Act 2011.