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If you trained outside Ireland, and want to practise as a nurse or midwife in Ireland, you must apply to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) for registration.  This section of the NMBI website is about our overseas registration process. 

. Do not to move to Ireland, or leave your current employment, based on the expectation that your application for registration will be successful.
. Do not to apply for nursing or midwifery positions until you have received a registration decision. We cannot fast-track applications based on offers of employment, as this would be unfair to other applicants. 

Guide for Overseas Applicants
Overseas Guide Cover

To understand the NMBI application process, you should download and read our Guide for Overseas Applicants.  It explains:

. The five-step overseas application process
. The Application Groups  (1,2,3) and how the process can differ depending on which Group you belong to
. How NMBI will assess your application

You should read this guide in full before you complete the Overseas  Registration Application Request Form (Step 1 of the process).  You should also refer back to it at other stages throughout the process.

Download the Guide for Overseas Applicants  (PDF, 4.17 MB)

Overseas Registration Application Request Form
Overseas Registration Application Form

To commence the overseas applications process, you need to download and complete the Overseas Registration Application Request Form.  This is Step 1 in NMBI’s five step application process. You need to complete the form in full and return with the relevant assessment fee. More details on this part of the process is available in the Guide for Overseas Applicants.

Download the Overseas Registration Application Request Form (PDF, 1.28 MB)